Visitor Management Systems to Power a Safer & Healthier Workplace

As health, safety and security risks continue to impact organizations across the globe, businesses are learning to adapt their operations in order to keep their employees and visitors safe and healthy.

What is Visitor Management and Why is it Important?

Visitor Management is the process of keeping track of who is on-site visiting your location(s). The traditional way of keeping track of visitors with a pen and paper sign in, is no longer enough. In today’s workplace, there is a need to have higher security, access and compliance requirements such as badges, employee escorts and legal documents, among others.

Visitor Management can help you create a workplace environment where your employees feel safe and secure through controlling your visitors’ access to facilities and keeping track of who is on-site. It will create a professional first impression for visitors and guests while keeping a record of those who visited, to ensure compliance and increase safety while streamlining processes to reduce operational expenses

How STANLEY Security’s Visitor Management Systems Work

With STANLEY Security visitor management systems, workplaces both large and small can ramp up operational efficiencies, foster a healthier workplace environment and enforce compliance by automating employee and visitor screening policies. Our visitor management systems are part of a suite of advanced screening solutions that integrate visitor management technology with health screening questionnaires, human temperature screening technology, lifecycle management, flexible workspace management and existing physical security systems, to create processes that help ensure your policies are followed. Whether you have basic needs or require a comprehensive, integrated solution that scales with your business, we have the visitor management systems that can meet your organization’s needs and help protect the health and safety of your people.



How Stanley Visitor Management Solutions Can Help Your Business

Health Survey & Wellness Checks

Health Survey & Wellness Checks

Reduce labor requirement needed to screen individuals manually
Touchless Kiosk Experience

Touchless Kiosk Experience

Reduce the spread of germs by avoiding unnecessary physical contact with multiple surfaces
Health and Safety Analytics

Health and Safety Analytics

Quincy and discretely notify the right individuals when a potential threat is detected
Integrated Temperature Screening

Integrated Temperature Screening

Detect elevated temperature quickly to reduce threat


Download the Case Study: Operational Transformation: The Untapped Potential of PIAM Technology

The workplace is shifting and businesses are trying to piece together different systems and workflows, creating a demand for solutions that automate manual and paper driven processes (such as visitor check in using pen and paper and a person scanning foreheads to detect a person’s temperature before entering their building) that are able to integrate with their existing systems. Click to download the case study below to learn how our flexible and scalable solution can meet the needs of your business today and prepare for the changing needs of tomorrow.



Benefits of STANLEY Security’s Visitor Management Systems

STANLEY Security’s visitor management systems offer tremendous value to organizations large and small, including the ability to use an analytics dashboard to monitor visitors, employees and contractors in real time.

  • Reduce Administrative Costs & Demands Gain ROI savings to optimize workforce energies and resources.
  • Provide Faster, More Accurate Employee & Visitor Screening Touchless kiosks allow for quick screening and provide reliable results in real-time.
  • Automate Processes & Ensure Compliance Streamline and automate operations with STANLEY’s powerful compliance rules engine.
  • Save Money by Integrating with Existing Technology Avoid costly rip and replace activities by integrating new devices to your existing physical security system.
  • Reduce High-Contact Screening Procedures. Automate screening processes with technology and avoid the need to have personnel conduct screening procedures.
  • Simple, Flexible & Scalable Solutions Meet the needs of your business today and prepare for the changing needs of tomorrow.
  • Automated Reporting & Dashboards Use the analytics dashboard to monitor visitors, employees and contractors in real time


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