Reduce Loss

One of the best ways to reduce loss is to prevent intrusions from occurring altogether.   Video surveillance systems are an essential component of any solution designed to prevent crimes before they happen. Crime deterrence translates directly to reduced losses, regardless of the type of business. Whether your locations are small or large, few or many, we can design a system with the right functionality for your needs.

Alarm Verification

Law enforcement studies consistently report over 98% of alarms resulting in police response prove to be false, and many communities do not have the resources to respond to all of these alarms in a timely manner. That’s where alarm verification technology comes in.

With video alarm verification, alarm events are communicated to the central monitoring station with a video clip of what happened before and after the alarm was triggered. This footage enables central station operators to determine with greatly improved levels of accuracy whether there is a likely crime in progress.

Once an alarm is confirmed with video footage, dispatchers can alert law enforcement of the verified alarm, and in many cases influence the priority assigned to their response. This means law enforcement may arrive on the scene faster, thereby enhancing the probability of apprehending an intruder. This extra layer of protection for your business reduces the opportunity for loss to occur, and enhances overall security.

When it comes to video alarm verification solutions, STANLEY provides you with a unique combination of awareness and flexibility.


Our alarm verification solutions empower you with more awareness of how your business is being protected. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your locations are secure.

  • Receive Alerts. Receive text message and email alerts with associated video clips whenever an alarm is triggered.
  • Confirm Activity. By receiving a clip of the alarm event, you can assist the central station in confirming the veracity of any alarm by alerting us to notify the authorities of a likely crime in progress.


Due to our longstanding expertise and technical capabilities, STANLEY can offer you the right alarm verification solution purpose-built for your needs.

  • Remote Technology. For large or remote locations, such as vacant buildings, agricultural, or construction sites, we offer wireless, battery-powered, motion-sensing cameras that transmit alarm data to the central monitoring station.
  • Broad Compatibility. STANLEY offers the widest range of system compatibility available on the market today so you can utilize your existing video system cameras and infrastructure.*

Benefits of Alarm Verification

  • Communication. Alarm events are communicated to the central monitoring station with pre- and post-event video clips and audio feeds.
  • Verification. Utilizing the video and audio feeds, the central station can more accurately determine if there is a likely crime in progress.
  • Priority Response. Dispatchers can alert law enforcement of the verified alarm, which may influence the priority assigned to their response.
  • More Apprehensions. A faster response enhances the probability for law enforcement to apprehend an intruder.

Learn How Alarm Verification Makes Your Business More Secure!

Video and audio alarm verification move us from simple notification to true confirmation. Download our white paper, "We Were Blind, but Now We See" to learn more about how alarm verification can make your business more secure!