Properly maintaining your video surveillance system is critical to your business’ security. With STANLEY video support services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your video surveillance system is functioning properly and delivering the maximum benefit to your business.

Video Service Assurance with STANLEY IntelAssure

STANLEY IntelAssure provides service assurance for video systems using automation to continuously detect and diagnose problems across your video system and recommend solutions - from the camera and software, to the disk hardware, and every point in between. Read more information or request a demo.

  • Reduce Missing Video Evidence. STANLEY IntelAssure assesses each unique video stream, detects and anticipates interruptions or decays that can cause a gap in the stream, and alerts management with actionable information on how to quickly solve the problem. Learn more here.
  • Engage Cyber Hygiene. STANLEY IntelAssure delivers foundational steps towards a comprehensive cyber hygiene program.
  • Automate Audit Compliance. Make your approach to audit compliance tracking and recording more efficient automatically with STANLEY IntelAssure.

System Health Check

With System Health Check, we can remotely connect to your video system to verify that everything is functioning properly. If a problem is detected, STANLEY will automatically initiate corrective action, ensuring maximum up time.

  • Verify Functionality. Verify the communication link and system are functioning properly, and that the system image capacity and cameras are functioning correctly.
  • Receive Reports. View regular diagnostic reports on your system’s performance.
  • On-Going Support. Receive software support, upgrades, and patches as required.

Image Quality Check

Utilizing Image Quality Check, we ensure your video surveillance system is producing the highest quality images possible.

  • Verify Quality. Our specialists download sample images from all your cameras monthly or quarterly to verify quality and camera orientation.
  • Reduce Downtime. STANLEY conducts remote diagnostics of the equipment. When issues are identified, corrective action is taken.
Image Quality Check Service

Preventative Maintenance & Service Plans

STANLEY offers comprehensive service and preventative maintenance plans that help reduce unexpected expenses, ensure your system stays up and running, and provides you with peace of mind.

  • Avoid Downtime. By inspecting your systems on a scheduled basis, you avoid system downtime in the event a camera or some other component fails. Our faster response will minimize your downtime and repair costs.
  • Customizable Options. Choose a plan that meets your unique business needs. Our plans can be modified with customizable options for equipment and labor costs, as well as service response times.

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans include:

  • Visual inspection of devices
  • Walk-test of system components
  • Cleaning of devices as needed
  • Verification of communication link
  • System training
  • Programming back-up and software patch updates for PC-based systems (as available)
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection options available
  • Access to technical support through our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Gaining Visibility of Your Building

Gaining a first-hand perspective on what’s happening at your locations provides you with better information when you’re not there, and ultimately, improved security.


System Health Check

Our Video Guard services can replace or augment your traditional security guard tour services.

  • Virtual Guard Tour. Following your schedule, we view your premises to ensure employee safety, normal business operations, and no unauthorized access.
  • Reduce Costs. This service allows you to not only reduce guard costs, but it also enables you to deter criminal activity, reduce loss, and document events for evidence.

Compliance Audits

Leveraging your video security system to improve on-going operations is a win for your entire business.

  • Enforce Standards. Our monitoring specialists virtually audit your locations to ensure they adhere to your unique business practices.
  • Assess Compliance. We provide custom online pass/fail audit reports with optional immediate notification if any of your locations are out of compliance.