Gaining Visibility

Gaining a first-hand perspective on what’s happening at your locations provides you with better information when you’re not there, and ultimately, improved security.


Video Guard Services

Our Video Guard services can replace or augment your traditional security guard tour services.

  • Virtual Guard Tour. Following your schedule, we view your premises to ensure employee safety, normal business operations, and no unauthorized access.
  • Reduce Costs. This service allows you to not only reduce guard costs, but it also enables you to deter criminal activity, reduce loss, and document events for evidence.

Compliance Audits

Leveraging your video security system to improve on-going operations is a win for your entire business.

  • Enforce Standards. Our monitoring specialists virtually audit your locations to ensure they adhere to your unique business practices.
  • Assess Compliance. We provide custom online pass/fail audit reports with optional immediate notification if any of your locations are out of compliance.