Local Surveillance Camera System Design and Installation Provided by STANLEY Security for Businesses across North America

surveillance camera systemAny business can benefit from having a reliable surveillance camera system (often referred to as a CCTV system) to deter theft, as well as monitor and document activities on premises. STANLEY Security has highly trained technicians throughout the U.S. and Canada who will design and install local video surveillance systems to meet the varying security needs of retail operations, convenience stores, professional services offices, and other small businesses. We offer interior and exterior security camera systems, onsite storage, and video management software from many leading brands, including Honeywell, AXIS, Exacq Vision, Bosch, Pelco, Lenel, HIKVision, Videofied, Genetec, and others. Whether you want your system to be wired or wireless, adapt to low lighting, or record in high definition, we have the technology to meet your facility’s video surveillance needs along with the skills needed to install and integrate all the components of your video surveillance systems for easy management.

Our systems can be tailored to suit the unique needs of each facility, ranging from a basic DVR system storing a single feed for days or weeks, to distributed, IP-based video recording solutions that can capture everything that happens throughout your facility for months and stores footage remotely. STANLEY Security will design your surveillance camera system to allow for immediate access to feeds from your system through your web-enabled devices from anywhere at any time, so you can check in on your property and staff. You can also access and download stored images from your security camera DVR systems.

In addition, STANLEY Security’s four ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers in the U.S. and Canada provide a variety of eVideoManager monitoring services, including:

  • eVideo Alarm Verification – Our team can access security cameras when your alarm system is triggered to verify an emergency, ensuring a priority police response and increasing the chance for apprehension.
  • eVideo Open/Close Supervision – STANLEY ProtectionNet™ monitoring specialists will monitor your employees any time your security system is activated or deactivated to provide documentation as needed.
  • eVideo Guard Tour – We will systematically view your surveillance camera system to emulate a guard walking your premises.
  • eVideo Escort – Our ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Center team can, when requested, supervise employees using your facility’s surveillance camera system. This provides protection in high-risk areas, such as unattended parking garages, helping them arrive safely at their destinations.
  • eVideo Audit – Our team can monitor video feeds to confirm your staff is adhering to your established business expectations and policies. As part of this service, we can provide either documentation or immediate notification if requested.
  • eVideo Live – You can remotely access your surveillance camera system in real time through STANLEY Security’s eServices portal, as well as view and retrieve stored images at your convenience from your DVR system.

For more information on adding a local surveillance camera system for your business and connecting with our eVideoManager services, contact us today.