Text Message Alarm Notifications  

STANLEY Security’s Text Messaging Alarm Notifications provide you a new, convenient and interactive way to receive and respond to your security system alarms – via text message on your phone.  Immediate and simultaneous notification to everyone on your Call List via text allows for faster decision making to confirm or cancel alarms.  For false alarms, it gives you an easy way to cancel the alarm without having a phone conversation, reducing the disruption to your day.

How it works:

  1. Alarm Goes Off – Notification Text Sent to You. Once an alarm is received from your security system, a text message is sent simultaneously to everyone on your call list.
  2. You Confirm or Cancel Alarm. Users on the call list can text to confirm unauthorized activity is occurring or cancel the alarm – using a secure pin code. If no one responds, the Monitoring Center Operator phone call continues without delay. Does not replace operator phone notifications unless you respond via text prior to operator action.
  3. STANLEY Responds. If an unauthorized activity is occurring, responding authorities are immediately dispatched. If cancellation code sent, the monitoring center foregoes further notification calls.
  4. STANLEY Confirms. Monitoring Center sends a confirmation text sent to everyone on the call list indicating alarm was acknowledged/canceled and by whom.

SMS Text Image 2

All of the mobile phones associated with your call list have been opted into text message alarm notifications.  To opt-out of this service, please contact 800-755-6852 or email dataentry@sbdinc.com.

*Please note, unless you are a level 1 contact on your call list, you can only opt yourself out from these notifications.