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Personal Safety – We all occasionally find ourselves in potentially vulnerable situations. Walking alone at night. Going for an early morning run. Working alone on the job. Meeting someone you don’t know. Traveling for work. Take the helplessness out of the situation and feel confident…with the STANLEY Guard personal safety app on mobile device.

How it Works

    1. 1. Open the STANLEY Guard app on your mobile device whenever you are in a potentially dangerous situation

    1. 2. Shake or push a button on your phone to contact help & set off a loud alarm

    1. 3. The app contacts your friends, family, co-workers or the STANLEY Guard 24/7 monitoring center to dispatch police

    4. The app sends a precise GPS location as well as video & audio evidence of your emergency to give responders details of the situation

Personal Safety – at Work, Home and Play

Wherever you go, whenever you feel unsafe, use STANLEY Guard to quickly and easily send alerts from your mobile device. You’re in control with flexible emergency response options…choose either our professional 24/7 monitoring center or your personal emergency contacts.

Power of Technology

STANLEY Guard uses powerful features in your mobile device that allow the app to track your precise location, 24/7. When you feel unsafe or may be entering a potentially dangerous situation, open the app and keep your phone in-hand. In the event of an emergency, simply shake your phone to send an alert to your emergency contacts and/or our 24-hour monitoring center.

Safer Journeys

Going out for a run or somewhere on your own?  Turn on the ‘Journeys’ feature and STANLEY Guard will trigger an alert if your route unexpectedly changes.

Safer Meetings

Meeting someone you don’t know or in a place you don’t feel comfortable? Turn on the ‘Meetings’ feature; STANLEY Guard will trigger an alert if your meeting is longer than you scheduled. Even if your phone is broken or the battery dies, the alert will notify help of the last known location of your phone.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Along with your personal emergency contacts, you can have STANLEY Guard alert our 24-hour monitoring center when you set off an alarm.  Trained emergency monitoring specialists will verify your emergency and use GPS location with audio/video evidence to dispatch police or other emergency responders.

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