STANLEY Security Introduces Thermal Perimeter Detection, Outdoor Security Solution

Thermal images and intelligent analytics identify/verify perimeter breaches 

INDIANAPOLIS – (May 2, 2018) – STANLEY Security, a leading global manufacturer and integrator of comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of industries, has broadened its alarm verification offerings with STANLEY’s Thermal Perimeter Detection, a solution that provides a reinforced layer of identification and verification protection against intrusion, theft and damage in outdoor spaces with the use of thermal sensors and intelligent analytics.

With the mounting number of high-value assets being stored outdoors for multiple industries including equipment rental, utilities, vehicle service and repair, warehouse and industrial parks, these commercial properties often do not have adequate security to safeguard against outdoor crime.

STANLEY Thermal Perimeter Detection utilizes outdoor thermal sensors to detect an intruder’s heat signature, while intelligent analytics discriminates between humans and environmental noise.  This combination allows for everyday movements that may cause false alarms – headlights, reflections, small animals, trees – to be disregarded while identifying possible threats.  Unlike outdoor cameras and other detection solutions, STANLEY Thermal Perimeter Detection can also identify intruders within complex lighting, complete darkness or harsh environmental conditions like fog, rain or snow. Each perimeter can be customized based on the requirements of the customer, whether detecting an intruder climbing a fence or entering an off-limits zone normally void of foot traffic.

Once an alarm is activated, alarm details and thermal video evidence are instantly transmitted to professionals at the STANLEY monitoring center for verification.  Upon verification of an actual intruder, police are notified of a crime-in-progress, which normally results in faster response times. This increases the probability of apprehension and reduction of business losses due to theft and damage.

“Thermal sensors are essential for businesses, industrial sites, warehouses and other commercial properties that have high-value assets stored outside their facilities,” said Brad McMullen, Vice President Marketing and Product Solutions, STANLEY Security.  “With the combination of thermal sensors and advanced analytics, our Thermal Perimeter Detection solution allows STANLEY’s expert monitoring team to quickly verify intruders, reduce false alarms and increase the probability of police apprehension.”

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