Hosted Video

Secure, convenient, and cost-effective cloud & local storage solutions for your video needs.

Hosted Video Solutions:

  • World-Class enterprise-level hosted storage
  • Access and manage live view and video recordings online or via your mobile device with an internet connection
  • Can be configured with motion detection for motion triggered recordings
  • Receive alarm notifications through email or SMS text message
  • Integrate with your alarm system for Video Verification of alarm events and priority response


  • Video is stored and maintained in a tier 4 data center
  • Each camera maintains an encrypted tunnel to the hosted video center
  • Video goes through your internet firewall and router without any special configuration
  • Access through a secure public internet web portal


  • Compatible with new and existing systems
  • Easy installation with no network configuration
  • No need to download or install special client software
  • Maintenance and video storage handled by STANLEY

Cost Effective:

  • Eliminates expensive on-site storage costs, as there is no need for a DVR
  • Hosted IP video cameras provide lower installation costs and better image quality
  • Affordable local NAS storage options, to protect against outages and provide cost effective video back up
  • IP Cameras have lower power consumption than traditional video systems

Great for any location:

  • Ideal for locations requiring one to ten cameras
  • Continuous recording or event based recording options
  • Indoor or outdoor cameras for single or multiple location businesses
  • Perfect for temporary monitoring of a location such as a construction site