Loss Prevention Business Intelligence

Theft and shrinkage in retail organizations has been estimated to result in losses over $40 billion annually. Criminals impact every size of an organization, from enterprise level to start-up company. If loss prevention associates are spread thin across your team, the right business analytics tool can help mitigate your losses.

TRENDS™ is a business intelligence software that combines video surveillance and exception-based reporting. As one of the most robust intelligence solutions on the market, our cloud-based BI software:

  • Helps EXECUTIVES make better decisions through easy-to-use dashboard reporting
  • Catches EMPLOYEES WHO STEAL by uncovering broken processes
  • Decreases OPERATING EXPENSE across your enterprise through greater flexibility & efficiency


Why Employee Theft?

While many organizations search for the shoplifter in retail security, enterprise corporations have turned to business intelligence and analytics to help loss prevention security focus on untrustworthy employees behind the cash register.

STANLEY Security has evolved shrink control in retail via an innovative combination of exception-based reporting and video surveillance. TRENDS™ can help corporate executives and regional loss prevention teams have accounting and video evidence at their fingertips to increase apprehensions and reduce broken processes.

How Much Are You Potentially Losing?

Try STANLEY Security’s TRENDS calculator to better understand the impact employee theft might have on your business. Enter your info and we’ll email you a personalized analysis from your data: