A reliable security system that’s intuitive, conveniently accessible from your phone or tablet and easy to manage on site or remotely is a system that gives small business owners total control over managing company safety and security.

AT STANLEY Security, we understand that small business owners wear many hats. You manage dozens of details. Every day presents new challenges. And the small business technologies available to you can be overwhelming. But your business security and the safety of your employees doesn’t have to be.

From camera installations to video surveillance to 24/7 continual monitoring, STANLEY can help you develop a system and implement a plan for your business security that addresses your daily challenges, is easy to manage and gives you the control and peace of mind to concentrate on other priorities.

STANLEY small business security focuses on your expectations for a safe working environment and a secure property when you’re done for the day. And we give you an easy-to-use mobile application for keeping tabs on all of it. We can help with:

  • Cameras installed for video surveillance inside and out
  • Intrusion detection alarms that alert you to possible break-ins
  • Motion detectors and window sensors
  • Video verification of disturbances in progress may shorten police response time and increase apprehension rates
  • Building access control so you know who’s coming and going and when
  • Remote 24/7 continuous monitoring of all alarm systems
  • Mobile access for easy, convenient management from your phone or tablet

When it comes to small business security with STANLEY, it’s all about you and the road you’re taking to a better, safer more secure business. Let STANLEY be a trusty navigator in the car that you’ll be driving.

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