While you may wish you could be everywhere at once, as a small business owner, you can’t always be physically present when a security threat occurs. To effectively monitor your business for break-ins, vandalism and theft, and to react immediately when necessary, you need high-quality video surveillance meant for small businesses.

Why Video Surveillance is Important to a Small Business

STANLEY’s video surveillance solutions and services can significantly enhance small business security. Not only are visible cameras a deterrent to crime, reliable footage can verify for police that there’s criminal activity on your property.

  • Cameras can be strategically placed to monitor areas of highest concern – inside and out
  • Footage records 24/7 and can be easily accessed remotely at any time from anywhere on your phone or tablet
  • When you can verify with police that you are recording an intrusion in progress and even provide them with the intruder’s location, response times can be quicker and criminals can be caught

Investing in video surveillance with STANLEY puts you on the road to a safer, more secure business. Monitoring is practically effortless and the ability to immediately react with verified proof can be priceless in a small business owner’s fight against crime.

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