While we love technology when it works, disruptions happen – whether it’s a loss of power or a computer glitch. Whatever the cause, the frustration is real and gaps in security can be unnerving. That’s why STANLEY has a plan.

Better to be Proactive vs. Reactive

We understand that if your system isn’t functioning at optimal performance levels, you need an attentive response so that you can make timely, informed decisions about necessary repairs and maintenance. Including a service plan with your purchase of a STANLEY small business security system has multiple benefits:

  • Quick response to service requests that minimize system downtime
  • A streamlined approach to accurately diagnosing and properly addressing the root cause of a problem
  • System repairs done by highly trained and certified security professionals
  • Security system repairs and maintenance costs can be included in budget planning
  • Opportunities for growth and system improvements can be addressed as your business grows and your security needs evolve

Your STANLEY Security team will always put its best foot forward in designing, installing and teaching you to manage the reliable, comprehensive security system you need. But we can also see to it that you’re prepared for the what-ifs. For 175 years, STANLEY has helped build the world. Now let STANLEY Security help you protect yours.

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