The best way for any small business to minimize losses from break-ins, theft or vandalism is by knowing when an intrusion is happening and by verifying with authorities that the perpetrators are still on the premises.

STANLEY Security has reliable, integrated solutions for small business intrusion detection in its earliest stages. Our convenient, easy-to-use systems put you in control of the safety and security of your small business.

Benefits of a STANLEY Security System for Small Business Intrusion Detection

STANLEY Security designs, installs, services and monitors effective security systems for a diverse range of small business. For 175 years, STANLEY has helped those who build the world – now we can help you secure yours with a security solution that can:

  • Pinpoint where a break-in or disturbance is occurring
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Improve law enforcement response time
  • Monitor your business 24/7/365
  • Save you time, money and valuable resources
  • Give you peace of mind by knowing you have taken precautions to secure your facility, your equipment and your employees

You Run Your Business – We’ve Got This

When intrusions are verified to the authorities with video recordings, they know there are unauthorized people on your property. And they know apprehension is more likely if they respond immediately. Now that is intuitive, small business security – security that owners and law enforcement alike can rely on when it really counts.

We Support What We Secure

Our commitment to security solutions made for small business focuses on delivering an exceptional customer experience – period.

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