STANLEY Security understands the challenges of securing a small business. We know that business owners like you have a hundred things that demand attention at any given moment. You prioritize quickly, simplify where you can and move on.

But when physical security and employee safety hit the top of that list, you need a reliable solution that’s convenient to manage onsite and off.

The STANLEY Small Business Experience

STANLEY’s small business solutions offer easy, convenient ways to manage your business security. On the premises or not, you know what’s happening – and what isn’t.

You can select to have mobile phone and tablet access to:

  • Respond immediately to signs of intrusion
  • Monitor video surveillance
  • Adjust climate control settings
  • Confirm that the system has been armed

Security with STANLEY gives you more time for other priorities. Our small business security experts will design a system that meets your everyday security challenges with the convenience of today’s technologies – and you gain the peace of mind to enjoy the time you spend away from work.

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