For a small business, security is not just about an alarm or a camera – it’s about peace of mind. To minimize losses from break-ins, theft and vandalism, you need a security system that’s designed for you – a system tailored to meet your everyday security challenges.

STANLEY Security gets it. That’s why we develop security systems for small business that make remote monitoring not only convenient, but easy enough to manage from your phone or tablet. You get around-the-clock control over a security system designed specifically for your peace of mind.

Interactive, Smart Security

Interactive, Smart Security

STANLEY Interactive is easy, convenient remote access to your security system from your phone or tablet - anytime, anywhere. Learn More
24/7 Continuous Monitoring

24/7 Continuous Monitoring

Our 24/7 continuous monitoring service will contact you when an alarm is triggered. Go ahead. Relax. We got this. Learn More
Video surveillance

Video surveillance

Video surveillance keeps tabs on what's happening in and around your business and you can check footage whenever you need to. Learn More
Intrusion Protection

Intrusion Protection

When your video footage can verify intruders on your property, police response can be quicker and criminals are more likely to get caught. Learn More
Professional Installation

Professional Installation

Highly trained field professionals handle every phase of your security system's installation - start to finish. Learn More
Service Plans

Service Plans

With a STANLEY small business security system service plan, you can be proactive rather than reactive - and not break the bank. Learn More

Cybersecurity for Your Small Business

STANLEY Network Protection powered by Cisco Meraki is one of STANLEY’s core services that we provide and monitor for our customers. This advanced firewall solution will protect your network from daily cyber threats, including intrusion, malware, ransomware, phishing, malicious files and more, that can cost you money, stress and business downtime.

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Why is STANLEY Security Your Best Choice?

It’s Convenient

Save time and resources by verifying the accuracy of security alerts before you take action. Check video footage and monitor other security data with your mobile device.

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It’s Easy to Use

Arm or adjust your system’s security settings remotely from your phone, tablet or computer.

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It Gives You Total Control

Combine automated alerts and manual surveillance for the information and time you need for swift and efficient response.

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"It saves you time, money, and gives peace of mind knowing your business is secure. Its something every business owner should have."
"Knowing that I could pull up my app and look at my live video cameras gave me so much peace of mind. I know what's happening no matter where I am."

STANLEY Smart Security

Experience how easy and convenient total control of your security can be with STANLEY Security small business solutions.

Experience STANLEY Interactive

STANLEY Small Business Insights

Easy-to-understand reports provide better visibility to patterns in business activity so you can make better decisions when you spot unexpected changes.

See Security Trends

  • Monitor open/close times
  • Identify peak customer traffic/activity periods

Learn Activity

  • Track entry times/pinpoint open doors that could increase energy costs or raise safety concerns
  • Access user arm/disarm time stamps

Easily Create and View Reports

  • Single and multi-site reporting
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly reporting schedules

Powering Smart Small Business

Connect your security for seamless automation and control.

Explore our smart business floor plan to learn more.

Exterior Video Camera
Watch live-streaming and recorded HD video from the app. View multiple locations on your dashboard or find a specific clip you are searching for, all from one place.
Image Sensor
The image sensor takes a picture when motion is detected - such as when someone enters the office or moves behind a desk – and sends it to you.
Interior Video Surveillance
Recording video surveillance 24/7 gives you visibility to your heaviest traffic areas and confidence in knowing you can access it whenever you need it.
Exterior Video Camera
Gain additional visibility in secluded areas, such as rear entrances.
Smart Thermostat
Manage your energy costs with automated schedules and rules so that thermostats are adjusted accordingly throughout the day.
Temp Sensor
Temperature sensors can be placed anywhere optimum temperatures need to be monitored and controlled.

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