Small Business Security Solutions

Small Business Security Solutions Designed, Installed and Monitored by STANLEY Security

STANLEY Security offers security systems for your small and medium business in order to help protect what’s important to you. STANLEY Security has helped entrepreneurs develop security solutions to meet their unique needs for more than 30 years.

We offer a comprehensive range of systems, making us the only partner you’ll need to help protect your growing facility. We can perform a thorough security risk assessment to determine what issues are most likely to affect your business, and then provide security systems, monitoring services, and ongoing support to help minimize your small business' exposure to them.

Some of the common challenges that our business security solutions can help address include:

  • Burglary, internal theft, shoplifting, robbery
  • Unauthorized access to areas throughout your building
  • Limited surveillance and visibility throughout your property
  • Threats and loss from fire
  • Equipment and critical condition monitoring
  • Security staffing limitations
  • Facility security management
  • Multiple location security management

Regardless of the unique security challenges your small business faces, we’ll build your system using high-quality security products from leading brands to ensure that you’re well equipped to face them. All installation work is handled by our team of highly skilled technicians, each of whom is locally based at one of our more than 75 different offices spread across North America. STANLEY Security also owns and operates four UL, ULC, and FM approved ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers across the U.S. and Canada, from which our highly trained monitoring professionals can carefully monitor any of your business security systems, and identify and respond to threats quickly. Through our eServices online management portal, we can provide you with many additional tools as well, allowing you to remotely access a range of information relating to your security system and easily manage your account on a single intuitive platform.


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STANLEY Intelligent Security: Small Business
Challenge Intelligent Solution
  • Area-controlled security helps prevent losses due to burglary, shoplifting or internal theft by securing some areas while others are occupied.
  • Our state-of-the-art STANLEY 24-hour UL & FM approved ProtectionNet Monitoring Center provides reliable and prompt response to alarm conditions to help reduce the risks associated with a hold-up.
Unauthorized Access
  • STANLEY Access Control Systems help you manage people and vehicle access to your location.
  • We help you protect people, property and company information without inconveniencing your employees or disrupting your business.
Fire Threat
  • STANLEY code compliant, rapid and reliable fire alarm systems provide early notification to protect life and property.
Multiple Locations
  • We establish a program that matches your company’s needs on a local, regional or national basis.
  • We provide the knowledge and consistency you need to make informed security decisions.
Remote Surveillance
  • When resources are limited, we can help you keep an eye on your facility and remotely authorize or deny access.
Response Times
  • Our state-of-the-art STANLEY ProtectionNet Customer Service Center provides reliable and prompt response to alarm conditions.
  • 24-Hour UL ProtectionNet Monitoring Centers are inspected and approved by Underwriters Laboratories.
Limited Security Staff
  • Your security staff can cover a large area efficiently.
  • Multiple spots can be observed from a single monitoring location.
  • Your team can do surveillance work efficiently and economically.
  • We help you keep an eye on your facility and your employees by empowering your security staff to be everywhere at once.
Critical Equipment
  • You are alerted immediately if an important piece of equipment such as a freezer, air conditioner or compressor breaks down.
  • Sensors alert STANLEY, which in turn notifies you before problems become costly.
Facility Management
  • Our eDataManager allows easy access to all alarm data from your desk to help you manage more efficiently.
  • Confirmation of facility open/close on time.