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Why Verification?

Did you know that in the event of a traditional alarm, it can take police an average of 45 minutes to arrive on the scene? Oftentimes, the intruder has already caused significant damage and left the scene with your valuables. Apprehension rates for traditional alarms are so low (less than 1%) that there is typically a low probability of you recovering your business losses.

improve police response time

increase apprehensions

reduce false alarms


Priority police Response

This may leave you wondering: How can I get the police to respond to my alarms in a quicker fashion? Your answer lies within Stanley Security: Your Verification Professionals. Stanley Security alarm systems utilize video and audio verification for our security monitoring, which reduces the response time for law enforcement officials.

When Stanley’s highly-trained monitoring experts receive alarm signal, they immediately review both live and recorded video and audio…allowing them to verify a criminal act is in progress rather than a false alarm. When this video or audio evidence confirms a break-in, local authorities are immediately notified. STANLEY’s verification of an actual intrusion often leads police to respond with high priority and arrive on-scene significantly quicker. This can lead to increased apprehensions and decreased business losses.


Asset Protection

By providing verification of a crime in progress, police place a higher priority on your now-verified alarm, thus increasing both the chance of apprehensions as well as recovery of your valuables. Our indoor and outdoor systems are a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, expert monitoring and video and audio technology that other security companies just can’t match.

Our intrusion (burglar alarm) systems provide comprehensive protection of each customer’s property. Every video camera, audio listening device and thermal imager is industry-leading technology. This provides reliable security solutions for any business security need, in every type of environment including complete darkness, snow, fog, rain, and sleet.


Stanley Security also uses advanced analytics to increase the accuracy of alarm monitoring and verification in order to reduce false alarms and alert to intruders. Analytics are customized for each customer’s property during security system installation to improve alarm accuracy. An integrated mobile app is available to view both and recorded video to help business owners and managers see exactly what is happening at the properties they are responsible for.

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