Stanley CSS Records 20 Apprehensions in the First 60 Hours of August

Naperville, IL (August 30, 2010)—Day or night, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions’ monitoring specialists are alert and ready to respond to intruders, even before they step inside a building or enter a property. This round-the-clock diligence and commitment by Stanley CSS and using its Sonitrol Audio Verification technology has proven highly successful in police apprehensions; Sonitrol technology has been credited with over 160,000 apprehensions since 1977.

And, this month was no exception. Within the first 60 hours of August 2010, Stanley monitoring specialists, using Sonitrol Audio Verification technology, were responsible for the apprehensions of 20 individuals from across the country by alerting law enforcement officials of break-ins in progress. Not only did the month of August start off with a flurry of apprehensions for Stanley, 2010 is on track to exceed apprehensions recorded last year for Stanley. Sonitrol Audio Verification technology historically has the highest apprehension rate in the industry because of its unique intrusion technology and application. Sonitrol systems use impact activated audio technology. Once the sound of an intrusion is detected, the live audio is immediately sent to the central station where audio monitoring specialists can react quickly to the situation occurring at the premise.

Stanley customers who benefited from Sonitrol technology in August ranged from large distribution centers, convenience stores, schools, faith-based organizations and small businesses. Over ten thousand schools are protected by Sonitrol technology; making it a preferred technology of the education market.

“These 20 apprehensions in the first two and half days of August represent a good cross section of our customers, underscoring the security effectiveness of Sonitrol Audio technology for different industries and applications, and how we are helping customers avoid tremendous damage and theft to their property,” states Steve Walker, Vice President Customer Service Centers. “The Sonitrol audio technology is so advanced that often times we can hear noise before entry is made by the intruder, resulting in faster police response times, increased apprehension opportunities and less chance of damage or theft to the protected property; potentially saving our customers thousands of dollars in damage or stolen inventory.”

Stanley’s Sonitrol Audio Verification technology can detect the slightest sound of an intrusion, record and verify that there is an intrusion. In one incident in August, Stanley monitoring specialists heard voices and banging noises on the rooftop of a customer’s building. The police were dispatched immediately and were able to apprehend the offenders before they entered the building. With this kind of advanced technology and surveillance, violators have no idea that the noise they make is triggering a quick response by the monitoring specialist and responding authorities. In many cases, law enforcement gets the additional benefit of having live updates from the monitoring specialist on what they hear and what is happening as the break-in occurs and during their response.

“The bottom line is that we want to be able to detect the intruders prior to entering the building or a facility by listening for suspicious sounds—the numbers speak for themselves, Sonitrol Audio Verification technology has been responsible for over 160,000 apprehensions,” states Jim Kopplin, Chief Operating Officer for Stanley CSS North America and United Kingdom Direct. “Police response time is faster and our ability to dispatch authorities prior to a break-in dramatically reduces property damage and/or theft for our customers.”

Sonitrol Audio Verification technology was first introduced in 1963 and is a proven technology that has assisted in the highest number of documented apprehensions in the industry. Audio Verification is highly respected by law enforcement for its low false alarm rate because they know that the alarms are verified with live audio, resulting in a high apprehension rate and fast response time.

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Editor’s Note: A part of Stanley Black & Decker (SWK), Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. is the third largest electronic security company, second largest commercial security services company and one of the largest system integrators in the United States. Stanley CSS has over 75 offices serving over 120 of the largest metropolitan markets in North America. Stanley CSS designs, installs, monitors and services security systems for industrial, government, commercial, residential and national account customers. Stanley CSS represents a network of resources, state-of-the-art technology and a culture dedicated to excellence; where its employees have the training, the equipment and the processes they need to deliver the finest security solutions in the industry. Stanley CSS provides the best of both worlds, a local company with global resources and one of the most trusted names in security serving over 300,000 customers in North America.