Security Automation for Physical Security Professionals

Missing video creates unique problems for any Physical Security professional. Only video surveillance can provide visual documentation of criminal activities and incidents at your facilities, which for some organizations, may be required by government compliance or industry regulations.

STANLEY IntelAssure™, Powered by Viakoo, is a Service Assurance solution that utilizes intelligent automation to continuously:

  • DETECT security system problems that impact recording of video surveillance
  • DIAGNOSE root causes of the failure to eliminate guess work & solve the problem of missing video
  • RECOMMEND the specific location-based fix to reduce system downtime & increase employee efficiency

Help Solve the Missing Video Problem

IntelAssure Service Assurance

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Video Surveillance Can Be Complex

Today’s physical security systems, especially video surveillance systems, are more complex than ever – with an array of components and processes developed by multiple providers, distributed across numerous locations.

IntelAssure Service Assurance

Service Assurance is Easy

With STANLEY IntelAssure, your Physical Security personnel can detect security system problems, diagnose the root cause of failure and understand the recommended fix through automation. You’ll receive proactive security intelligence that helps your technical teams stay in control of safety. You can fix the problem of missing video and empower employees to be subject matter experts with STANLEY IntelAssure.

Help Employees Stay in Control

STANLEY IntelAssure is the first & only solution on the market today to provide an enterprise-wide, automated system for identifying issues across multiple components and processes to help employees stay in control of safety.

Device Uptime

STANLEY IntelAssure makes audit compliance tracking and reporting more efficient automatically. When you’re mandated to compliance benchmarks (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, SOC 2, etc.), you’ll have the real-time data you need.

Video Retention

STANLEY IntelAssure assesses each unique video stream, detects and anticipates interruptions or decays that can cause a gap in the stream, and alerts management with actionable information on how to quickly solve the problem.

Repair Ticket Status

Using repair alert tickets, STANLEY IntelAssure tracks issues, automatically assigns them to appropriate personnel, closes and archives issues, and allows for detailed reporting for compliance and auditing purposes.

Detect, Diagnose and Recommend

STANLEY IntelAssure is the first and only service-assurance solution for video surveillance and other physical security systems on the market today that utilizes automation to continuously detect and diagnose problems and recommend solutions.


Alerts are automatically generated when we detect a failure or other critical problem with your physical security system. Alerts are urgent and critical, the highest priority information, and should be acted on immediately.


Warnings are automatically generated when the physical security system is headed towards a failure, and action should be taken to preemptively address the failure. Not acting on a Warning will likely lead to a near-term system failure.


Advisories are automatically generated when we detect issues present in your physical security system that is not causing failure, but is a sign of your system not performing as it should. These are best practice guidelines.

Integrate your Physical & IT Security Process

By adding STANLEY IntelAssure to your video surveillance network, you’ll enhance team visibility across your integrated security system. From access control to perimeter intrusion, STANLEY IntelAssure provides security device inventory measurement with updated health status every second of the day. The benefit is you’ll have audit compliance reporting available for industry benchmarks and cyber hygiene protocols that alert you when firmware is out of date or device passwords are vulnerable.


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