Alarm Testing Tips

Partnership for Success - Alarm Testing

It is the job of all security professionals to minimize the opportunity for intrusion, and STANLEY Security is here to partner with you to achieve that goal. Regularly scheduled testing of your security and fire systems is often overlooked, and as a result, needlessly exposes your assets. In order to optimize your intrusion system, you should have it regularly tested to ensure it is functioning properly:

  • Take the time to review and inspect your testing procedure.
  • Establish a documented testing protocol and reporting mechanism and enforce the routine through your location's audit process.

If you are a STANLEY customer, here are the steps to get your system tested:

  1. Contact the STANLEY Security ProtectionNet Center (PNC) by calling 877-476-4968.
  2. Provide the PNC with your authorized passcard number before and after each test.
  3. Our specialists will provide you with the zone by zone results.
  4. If required, schedule a service call to correct any deficiencies discovered.