Audit Compliance Automation with STANLEY IntelAssure

STANLEY IntelAssure™, Powered by Viakoo, makes your approach to security audit compliance tracking and reporting more efficient automatically. With STANLEY IntelAssure, this automation gives you instant access to both up-to-the-minute and historical data needed to comply with internal or external audit requirements.

Quality-of-Service Tracking and Reporting

The ability to accurately report on current and historic Quality-of-Service KPIs is an important component of audit compliance. STANLEY IntelAssure automatically tracks the three most important measures of video system performance: Video Path Uptime (VPU%), Video Stream Delivery Index (VSDI%) and Video Retention Compliance (VRC%).

Detailed reporting for current and historic performance is available instantly.  STANLEY IntelAssure also automatically alerts you when performance for these and hundreds of other performance factors fall below specific thresholds, customized for your organization’s specific goals.

IntelAssure Service Assurance
IntelAssure Audit Compliance

More Than Video:

Audit Compliance KPIs

Video Path Uptime – VPU%

Video Path Uptime, or VPU% measures total video stream uptime.

Less than 100% means downtime and lost video evidence.

Video Stream Delivery Index – VSDI%

Video Stream Delivery Index, or VSDI% measures factors that impact video quality (e.g. dropped frames, file corruption, network latency, etc).

Less than 100% means lost video data or quality.

Video Retention Compliance – VRC%

Video Retention Compliance, or VRC%, measures compliance to a desired retention policy (e.g. 30 days).

Less than 100% means non-compliance. 

Automated Inventory

Whether you’re generating internal performance figures or adhering to mandated compliance benchmarks (such as Sarbanes-Oxley , PCI, SOC 2, etc.), STANLEY IntelAssure gives an automated approach to audit compliance tracking and reporting through:

Device Detection: STANLEY IntelAssure can detect and identify all devices connected to the physical security network. Since this automatically takes place, manual entry of data or location is not required, aligning with compliance requirements.

Device Inventory: STANLEY IntelAssure is able to automatically detect and report on devices connected to your system's network as well as alert you if devices are added or replaced. Device inventory reporting provides an easy way to identify unapproved components or devices, driving compliance across your platform. 

Activity Logging: Any changes made to the system are automatically tracked. With STANLEY IntelAssure, the software can identify the minute a change is made to the system or environment. 

Forensic Audit Database

For each device and process on your physical security network, STANLEY IntelAssure automatically creates a forensic audit database that captures and reports on:

  • Uptime & downtime over the life of devices and processes
  • Specific problems identified and resolutions implemented over time
  • Individuals by name and function who were assigned to resolve issues

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