Intelligent Physical Security Service Assurance

The ongoing evolution to IP video surveillance requires new ways to ensure the stability of the underlying video systems; at the same time, the size and complexity of these systems is growing, making manual, on-site service a costly burden for companies. While most organizations focus heavily on managing video content, they do not recognize the importance of managing their video infrastructure until problems arise and costs escalate.

STANLEY IntelAssure™, Powered by Viakoo, is the first and only service-assurance solution for video surveillance and other physical security systems on the market today that utilizes automation to continuously detect and diagnose problems and recommend solutions.

STANLEY IntelAssure Overview

IntelAssure Service Assurance

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More Than Video:

System Complexity Leads to Downtime

Today’s physical security systems, especially video surveillance systems, are more complex than ever – with an array of components and processes developed by multiple providers, distributed across numerous locations.

To create secure environments, most organizations utilize a combination of modalities that may include video surveillance, as well as access control, perimeter security, and intrusion detection. While all of these are essential contributors to safety and security, only video surveillance can provide visual documentation of all activities and incidents in the facility, which, for some organizations, may be required by government or industry regulations.

Video Path Assurance

However, that video stream is itself a combination of systems and processes, the failure of any one of which can result in missing video. The network may include cameras at the edge, VMS (Video Management System) and other software, networking infrastructure, hard drives for recording and more. Spot-checking the system will not identify degrading components or other developing problems. In addition, information from the VMS alone will not identify issues outside of what the VMS can see. When the video infrastructure is not working, risk levels rise instantly for the organization. An issue at any point along the video path can lead to:

  • System downtime or degraded performance
  • Cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Missed KPIs
  • Audit non-compliance

STANLEY IntelAssure assesses each unique video stream, detects and anticipates interruptions or decays that can cause a gap in the stream, and alerts management with actionable information on how to quickly solve the problem. 

Help Solve the Missing Video Evidence Problem

STANLEY IntelAssure software agents find and document your IP video infrastructure. Each component and process is polled continuously to ask “Is this operating as intended?” When a failure, potential failure or vulnerability is identified, STANLEY IntelAssure automatically sends alerts and recommendations for specific solutions. This puts your team in the best position to maintain service assurance of your video system while lowering operation and maintenance costs

Security Video Camera

Engage Cyber Hygiene

Most IT departments are on full alert for physical security infrastructure that can be compromised by malware, denial of service attacks, and other cyber-criminal activity. STANLEY IntelAssure delivers foundational steps towards a comprehensive cyber hygiene program.

Cyber Hygiene

Automate Audit Compliance

STANLEY IntelAssure makes your approach to audit compliance tracking and reporting more efficient automatically. Whether you’re generating internal performance figures or adhering to mandated compliance benchmarks (such as Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, SOC 2, etc.), you’ll have the data you need to succeed.

Audit Compliance

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