Commander PSIM Provides Full Visibility and Control for Correctional Facilities


The best security begins with fully-integrated solutions. STANLEY’s Commander Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) technology is your portal to controlling and monitoring all the systems in your correctional facility. The Commander system allows your security team to control doors, access control, fire systems, intercoms, video surveillance camera systems, emergency notification systems, and more, all at the touch of a screen.

While installing hundreds of fully integrated systems, we have continually improved our user interface to make it easier and faster to monitor and quickly respond to any situation. This begins with the customized floorplans which not only match the facility, but also take into account the day-to-day operations.

Integrate multiple systems seamlessly for complete corrections facility visibility and control:

  • Access Control – Integrates to multiple systems to allow for disabling card readers and to see names and photographs for users accessing doors.
  • Video Surveillance – Call up and control cameras from any system manually and automatically based on events.
  • Doors – Control and monitor any type of doors and gates as well as advanced functions.
  • Intercoms and Paging – Integrates to digital and analog intercom systems including VoIP.
  • Utilities and Building Management – Control lights, fans, receptacles, elevators, and more.
  • Fire and Duress Alarms – Monitor fire, duress, and other alarms from any system.

Touch screen allows for quick and easy access to the information you need:

  • Activity List – See a prioritized listing of all active events. Selecting an event automatically takes the user to the corresponding screen and calls up the appropriate video clip.
  • Quick Zoom – Allows quick and easy access to any part of a corrections facility even in a large campus environment.
  • Video Playback – Instantly play back recorded video from NVRs and DVRs by simply selecting the camera.
  • Alarm Video Call-Up – Automate call-up of cameras based on alarm conditions so that situations can be quickly assessed.
  • Customized Floorplans – Every system is customized to match the facility layout and operations, including floorplans, transfer of control, and even customer software and features.
  • Tabs – Provide easy access to many additional features such as elevator control, emergency functions, employee info, and more.

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