Providing a safe, secure learning environment within the constraints of today’s budgets and regulations is a challenge for every higher education institution. At STANLEY Security, we collaborate with hundreds of college and university partners on their campus security projects to meet that challenge head on. Together, we create a safer, healthier environment for students, staff, faculty, parents and members of the campus community.

Campus Security Systems

Colleges and universities need powerful, integrated solutions for campus security, and we provide trusted solutions that help schools create safe learning environments. Our industry-leading campus security offerings include:

Specialized Support for Your Campus Security

STANLEY Security’s Software Solutions Group (SSG) includes software engineers and system analysts who offer advanced integration services and support for colleges and universities. From providing troubleshooting support and remote software upgrades to programming custom interfaces and reports to meet your unique software development needs, our SSG team offers a range of services and support that can save you time, money and resources.

Customer Story: Campus Safety at the University of Kentucky

Watch the video below to see how we’re partnering with Chief Joe Monroe at the University of Kentucky to create a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Featured Resource

How to Leverage CARES Act Funding for Campus Security

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act offers higher education institutions the opportunity to access funding that can help them create a safer, healthier campus environment. This article offers insights on how colleges and universities can use this funding to improve their campus security program.


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