Video Alarm Verification

STANLEY’s Video Alarm Verification, utilizing revolutionary Videofied® technology, provides a completely wireless and battery operated alarm system that delivers high apprehensions, low false alarms and priority response. The Videofied wireless and cellular technology, with extended battery capability (up to 4 years) provides anywhere, anytime indoor and outdoor security. Securing remote construction sites, protecting vacant buildings, guarding fenced lots and rooftop HVAC systems – STANLEY delivers cost-effective outdoor security. Videofied technology makes formerly impossible outdoor projects a reality. In addition, real-time online, 24/7 viewing of alarm and video activity is delivered by STANLEY’s industry leading eServices.


  • Utilities
  • Remote Locations
  • Construction Sites
  • Rooftops HVAC Protection
  • Copper Theft Prevention
  • Protect Cell Towers

National Sheriffs Association Endorses Videofied – Cordless Outdoor Video Alarm System

nsa_endorsed_logoExcerpt from the due diligence report prepared by the endorsement committee: “All Central Station Alarm Service providers, Alarm System Integrators, Customers, and Sheriffs Offices that were surveyed commented favorably regarding the overall level of service and support they receive from RSI Video Technologies Inc. or their sales representatives. All of the survey respondents rated the Videofied Alarm System as one of the more reliable Alarm Systems that they use. Survey respondents indicated that law enforcement officials favorably receive the Videofied Alarm System because alarm conditions are supported by video clips that allow Central Station operators to verify the intrusion before reporting the alarm condition to law enforcement authorities. They indicated that the video technology associated with the system allow Central Station operators to provide responding officers with information on the number of intruders, their descriptions, and other information, increasing the probability of apprehension and arrest. Many of the respondents provided case histories reflecting that property crimes were reduced or eliminated at customer locations that installed these systems.”