STANLEY Security for Enterprise

Enterprise Security Solutions - Corporate Security

The world of security is continually changing. Security requirements are increasingly demanding and systems are becoming more complex. As a result, today’s security environment has become a balance of protection and convenience, state of the art technology and user-friendly operations, and the efficiency of a system as well as the ability to maintain it.

The STANLEY enterprise accounts program is designed to respond to the challenges that come with such accounts in a superior and more efficient way. By integrating the strengths of our STANLEY Security products and services and leveraging our nearly 1,000 STANLEY Black & Decker locations in over 60 countries, we are ready to partner with you in every area of your security needs.

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STANLEY Security partners with the industry’s leading product suppliers and manufacturers to implement a world-class integrated solution for your facilities. Armed with innovative products and an enterprise program management team, STANLEY offers a total security solution that meets your organization’s ever changing security needs, near or far.

STANLEY never forgets what matters most. Our primary focus is making your job easier as your security needs evolve. Our dedication to understanding your unique needs is readily apparent in everything we do, from ensuring on-time installation, to providing outstanding service long after contracts are signed.

When you partner with STANLEY, you will enjoy peace of mind that comes from having one superior source for all of your enterprise security needs.


Based on decades of providing protection to a variety of facility types, STANLEY offers the most comprehensive portfolio of security products and services available to global companies – all tailored to fit the specific security needs for your type of operation.

  • Extensive Enterprise Level Global Experience, Software Support, and Professional Engineering
  • Global Specification Writing and Advanced Design Engineering
  • Access Control Technologies
  • Traditional and Audio Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring and Maintenance
  • UL, ULC, and FM Approved Monitoring Services
  • Mechanical, Electronic, and Wireless Door Locking
  • Integrated High-Security Safe and Vault Locks
  • Identity Biometric Authentication
  • RTLS Asset Tracking and Duress Devices
  • Real-Time, Online eServices
  • Consulting and Risk Assessments
  • End User and Partner Training and Certification
  • Ballistic and Blast Resistant Doors and Glass
  • Sliding and Revolving Automatic Entrances
  • Master Keying Systems with Patented Keying Protection
  • Panic and Fire Exit Hardware
  • System Design, Installation, and Service
  • Global Program Management Team

STANLEY® Guard Personal Safety & Security Response Suite

STANLEY Guard is your comprehensive safety suite. These Personal Safety and Security Response apps provide an unprecedented level of personal safety to your employees – wherever your staff goes throughout your facility, STANLEY Guard allows them to carry your whole security team in their pocket. Your employees will feel safer and be better protected than ever before.

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