K-12 School Security Systems and Services

As a global leader of integrated security products and services, STANLEY Security provides comprehensive security solutions to thousands of educational facilities. With school security concerns on the rise, we are partnering with school principals, administrators, officials, and communities to help make schools safer.  Concerns regarding school security have dramatically increased, as schools across the nation have become the target of crime and violence. From preparedness training and school safety programs, to security site surveys and implementing comprehensive solutions, STANLEY's trusted security advisors are your partners in securing K-12 education facilities. STANLEY provides complete integrated security solutions for K-12 schools, from intrusion detection security systems, video surveillance, and fire alarm test and inspections, to mass notification, emergency communication, and lock down solutions, and everything in between.

With decades of experience securing education institutions, we have the security expertise to help protect your students, employees, and facilities, so you can focus on what’s really important – education.

  • Security Site Surveys
  • Trusted K-12 Security Advisors
  • Traditional Digital Security Alarm Systems
  • Sonitrol Audio Verified Intrusion Security Alarm Systems
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and Video Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Systems and Regular Test & Inspection Services
  • Access Control Technology
  • 24 Hour UL & ULC Monitoring Services
  • Visitor Management Platforms
  • Panic Buttons for Classrooms and Staff
  • Mass Notification and Emergency Communication
  • Lock Down Solutions
  • Perimeter Security Solutions
  • System Design & Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance & Service Plans

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Our mission is to create a safe learning environment for our children by partnering with educators, government officials and law enforcement. Through this collaboration, we work to deploy the most comprehensive school security solutions. We understand the security needs of learning institutions, and we have the expertise to assess risks and implement the appropriate solutions. We have secured more than 10,000 schools and educational institutions, and we have the experience to help you with yours. Working together, we can protect students, employees and facilities, so schools can focus on what's really important — education.

Together for Safer Schools

Grant Program
As part of our commitment to help make schools safer, STANLEY is provided a $500,000 grant to four winning schools through the TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS Grant Program. Nearly 1,000 schools participated in the first grant program in 2013, and four schools were announced as winners in January 2014. $500,000 total in Products and Services were provided to these schools in 2014 to help make them more secure.  Click here to learn more about the winners of the 2014 grant.

Pioneer Elementary School
Pioneer Elementary School of Auburn, WA received a $100,000 security grant as part of STANLEY Security's inaugural TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS grant program. In a recent article featured in the Auburn Reporter, a local reporter interviewed Principal Debra Gary about how their new security solutions have impacted their campus, staff, and students. Read the full article here.

Montessori School of Dayton
As a winner of the inaugural TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS Grant Program, the Montessori School of Dayton recently experienced the benefits of having an optimized framework of security solutions protecting their campus. Check out the full story here.



Stanley Grant Program Receipients
STANLEY K-12 Grant Program Winners

STANLEY Offers Comprehensive Security Options for Schools

Electronic Access Control

  • Controls, records, and audits all room access requests
  • Remote unlock and lockdown capabilities
  • Wireless locks reduce installation costs while providing many of the features of an online system

Central Alarm Monitoring

  • Trained security professionals provide 24/7 school monitoring
  • UL, ULC and FM Approved monitoring centers across North America
  • Sonitrol audio verification provides comprehensive coverage throughout the facility and the highest apprehension rates in the industry
  • Panic buttons and Personal Safety Apps communicate to the monitoring center to provide quick security response in the event of an emergency

Fire Alarms & Monitoring

  • Trained security professionals provide 24/7 school monitoring
  • UL, ULC and FM Approved monitoring centers across North America
  • Fire Alarm Testing and inspections

Video Surveillance

  • Acts as a deterrent for vandalism, theft, and other unwanted behaviors
  • Recorded video can be used for investigative purposes and risk mitigation
  • Live video can be viewed by staff as well as first responders remotely
  • Hosted video provides online storage, access and management

Visitor Management Software

  • Streamlines the visitor check-in process
  • Use watch lists to screen unwanted visitors
  • Integrates with electronic access control system
  • Pair with iris recognition for accurate visitor identity management

Security System Installation and Service

  • STANLEY- employed security system installation and service technicians
  • Service Plans available to avoid unexpected expenses
  • Preventative Maintenance ensures your school's system runs smoothly

Emergency Communication

  • Use phones, paging system, digital displays and/or the fire system to communicate emergency information throughout the school
  • Use email, voice calls and text messaging to transmit important information to personnel, parents, and others in the community

Electronic Key Tracking

  • Controls use of master keys and identifies user of keys
  • Limits use based on schedules and prevents personnel from taking keys home
  • Integrates with electronic access control
  • Can be used to track district vehicle keys

Free Site Assessment & Consultation

  • Our experienced consultants can discuss your security challenges and help you solve them.
  • STANLEY Security system experts provide conduct a full site assessment audit to help identify weak points and make recommendations
  • Contact us today to request to be contacted.

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