Touchless Visitor Experience
Bret Holbrook, Product Management Director

Bret Holbrook, Product Management Director

The Long Overdue Transition to Touchless

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Security is not convenient, and convenience is not secure – a common saying that I’ve heard from businesses, development teams and industry peers.

Convenience and security have historically been a balancing act for new solutions. Everyone wants a frictionless experience when they walk into or around a facility, but this has typically meant sacrificing security by keeping doors unlocked and access unlimited.

On the other hand, creating a high-security facility has typically meant sacrificing convenience by requiring baggage checks upon entry and dual authentication to access every part of that facility.

Fortunately, the year 2021 brings with it good news not only for organizations, but for visitors, patrons and employees alike. This historical challenge – security versus convenience – is now being replaced by a transition to touchless, which addresses health and safety concerns, elevates convenience and enhances security. Check. Check. Check.


Rise of Mobile Credentials

Many of us have walked into a building and used a proximity card to navigate our way through the facility. We used the card to physically tap access control readers to enter different areas inside. We lent our card to visitors so they could go down the hall to the restroom. When we left our access card at home, we requested a temporary card at the front desk in a person-to-person exchange. This experience relied on the type of physical contact that’s no longer widely accepted in most workplaces.

Mobile credentials allow us to improve health and safety by transitioning to a touchless access control solution. Now, as you approach a door, your phone is the credential that initiates entry without touching any access reader. Visitor credentials can be easily distributed and revoked from anywhere. This can mean reducing the need for credential replacement, as people may be less likely to leave their smartphone at home than their badge.

Implementing mobile credentials ultimately allows for all the convenience of a frictionless experience, while still providing the security an organization requires to help ensure its people and assets are protected.


Reimagined On-site Experience

Similarly, there’s more demand now for touchless visitor and employee screening solutions that automate procedures and processes and integrate directly with HR databases. From health checks and mask detection to employee scheduling and occupancy tracking, touchless solutions are helping organizations increase convenience as well as safety and security. Using these solutions, organizations can bid farewell to clunky visitor check-in procedures and time-consuming, manual screening processes.

For some venues and facilities, a transition to touchless means replacing legacy screening procedures such as metal detectors and invasive bag inspections with a faster, more efficient option for detecting guns and other weapons.

Any time I enter a facility or an entertainment venue and see a metal detector, the first thought that comes to me is: “This is going to take a while.” Long, crowded lines, emptying pockets, pat-downs and the resulting hand wand if something beeps. This has traditionally been the norm to create a secure environment.

However, looking through the lens of 2020, this experience is a health and safety risk for the employees responsible for securing the area and those who enter, due to the close physical contact required to carry out these screenings.

New AI-powered solutions now allow people to walk through thresholds without having to empty pockets. Bags and purses can be carried through without a 100% search rate. False alarms can be reduced as the technology focuses on high-security threats instead of detecting all pieces of metal.

The results are reduced crowds and lines, minimal contact, a frictionless experience and an enhanced security environment.


In with the New

The transition to touchless has the potential to transform organizations. Today’s innovative security technology and solutions are enabling leaders to create safer, healthier and more efficient environments for their people. By reducing contact, creating frictionless processes and enhancing security at the same time, there’s a huge opportunity for organizations to deliver their best experiences yet for employees, customers and patrons.

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