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The Future of Security: Operating in a New World

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This blog post includes excerpts from the white paper, “The Future of Security: A Look at the Technologies Propelling Us Forward”. To download the full white paper, click here.

Our world has changed. As with any major national or global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably impacted organizations’ policies, procedures and programs, and required many to rethink the technologies and services in which they’re investing.

When it comes to security, organizations are thinking differently about the solutions they need, as new operational issues, inefficiencies or security vulnerabilities have been exposed by the widespread impact of the virus. Beyond that, organizations are beginning to redefine the value and purpose of security altogether.

  • Is it still about protecting against theft, or is it about creating a virtual command center that integrates their security and communication systems in one place, easily managed and viewed from anywhere?
  • Is it about ensuring their network is secure from the growing number of cyber threats or is it about securing their finances and reducing unnecessary truck rolls and service calls?
  • Is it the ability to track and manage traffic flow and understand exactly who is coming and going from their facility, while ensuring they’ve been properly screened?

As President of STANLEY Security Matthew Kushner stated in the 2020 Industry Trends Report, “Disruption is the new norm.” No doubt, this year has been defined by change, disruption and innovation.

Organizations have been forced to adapt at an incredible rate – transitioning virtually overnight to a remote workforce, transforming their product and service offerings to respond to critical needs, overhauling their on-site operations and investing in new technologies that can help ensure business security in a post-pandemic world.

In December 2019, we published the 10 trends that we expected would impact security consumers in 2020. From remote services and cloud technology to network security and stricter access control requirements – many of the trends in the Industry Trends Report ring true now more than ever before, and we’re seeing new and renewed interest in seven specific security solutions.

These solutions are detailed in STANLEY Security’s latest white paper, “The Future of Security: A Look at the Technologies Propelling Us Forward”. Download this free resource to learn more about the technologies that we expect will be central to organizations’ security strategies for the duration of 2020 and will be fundamental in helping organizations navigate new challenges in the future.

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