Here’s One New Year’s Resolution Businesses Must Keep

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While the world celebrates the end of 2020, the new year doesn’t erase the impact of the major transformation felt across industries. As more of our daily lives move online, cyber attacks remain a threat. The cost is too high for businesses and organizations to ignore their cybersecurity.

STANLEY Security recently released a complete guide on how to strengthen your defense against a cyber attack, which includes the following checklists to provide you actionable steps you can take to help protect your business:


8-Step Cyber Hygiene Checklist

There are a number of core strategies that can be implemented to help mitigate the risks of cyber attacks regardless of the size of your company. By completing this cyber hygiene checklist, you can take a big step toward strengthening your organization’s cyber defense.


6 Considerations for Hardening Your Physical Security Systems

Not all cyber attacks start at your company’s network or server. Help prevent hackers from gaining entry through systems connected to the network – such as point-of-sale systems, physical security systems and more – by completing this checklist that offers straightforward steps to reduce your vulnerabilities and the likelihood of a successful attack.


12 Ways to Secure Your Video Network

Many potential security breaches come down to a few key parts of the network and video surveillance system that you need to pay attention to. This comprehensive list helps you have increased visibility of your video security system and a stronger defense against potential attacks.

For more tactical steps you can take to enhance your cybersecurity, download the full e-book by clicking the button below.

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