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John Peponias, VP Sales, National Accounts, East

John Peponias, VP Sales, National Accounts, East

Advanced Screening Solutions: Staying Power Beyond the Pandemic

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Threshold management has become an increasingly more complex operational challenge for both organizational and facilities teams to address in today’s environment. There are significant safety, security and compliance concerns to consider, and screening approaches can vary along with the solutions in place to solve for them.

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Most screening solutions we’re seeing in place at facilities today are either a feature enhancement or bolt-on capability of an existing physical security system, or a standalone system implemented out of necessity in response to the pandemic crisis. These can include wellness-based self-attestation forms and apps, elevated skin temperature scanning and facial covering detection, among other systems.

While these systems have worked and served a general purpose to date from a reopening and business continuity perspective, there are limitations to their capabilities, and they don’t offer much else in terms of residual value or their ability to impact or enhance safety and security operations.

It’s important to understand that the introduction of disparate solutions can present consequential challenges from an operational efficiency perspective. These systems typically require manual resources to administer and manage, are limited in their ability to scale and don’t necessarily function as an integrated component of an organization’s technology standards or ecosystem.

In working with our customers to help them solve for threshold management challenges and advanced screening needs more strategically, our conversations center around technology investments that have potential staying power beyond the pandemic crisis – both in terms of scalability and long-term value, accounting for futureproofing considerations.

Our physical identity access management (PIAM) solution can help organizations address the vetting, credentialing and access management challenges they face in screening the various personas or identities that enter their facilities. Leveraging a robust middleware platform, we can bridge disparate physical and logical technologies to help effectively eliminate inefficient and often manually administered practices.

Additionally, the customizable workflow engine can also fully automate “what happens when…” – from safety and security policy management, to driving regulatory compliance, enforcing privacy standards, and data capture management processes. As such, the advanced screening solution isn’t just a powerful tool to help manage today’s requirements, but it’s one that can serve organizations long into the future.

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