STANLEY Security 2020 Industry Trends Report

2020 Industry Trends Report Reveals What’s Next in Security

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We’re entering a new era of security in 2020 – one that is defined by change, disruption and innovation. Is your business prepared?

In STANLEY Security’s “2020 Industry Trends Report”, experts from across the organization share the challenges, opportunities and trends they expect will impact business security in the coming year.

President of STANLEY Security Matthew Kushner shares the following in his executive summary:

Matthew Kushner

Matthew Kushner

“We’ll see several trends emerge in 2020 to streamline security processes and protect businesses against security risks. New service models, cloud technology, network security, machine learning and more will drive greater efficiencies, improve the customer experience and build stronger partnerships between businesses and their security providers.

Disruption is the new norm, but businesses that embrace these changes, take advantage of new security innovations and partner with their security providers will be best positioned for success in 2020 and beyond.”

In addition to the top 10 trends in security that may impact businesses, the report also includes:

  • Exclusive survey data from security decision-makers across North America and Europe
  • Insights drawn from monitoring data of more than 400,000 STANLEY Security customers
  • The global industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to capture consumers’ overall satisfaction and perception of a brand

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