Managed Security Services

STANLEY Security designs service solutions to some of the most complex requirements. Our program may include dedicated resources trained to manage and service your security solution. Dedicated resources, depending on your needs, may be full-time or part-time, residing on- or off-site.

The benefit of outsourcing your system management is that you have employed a team of industry experts specifically trained to manage and troubleshoot your software and hardware solutions. This relationship may include any of the following services:

  • Host client software
  • Management of database interfaces and data integration
  • Management of ID badge systems
  • Maintenance and monitoring of access control and video surveillance systems
  • PIN Management

Existing customers have found that having STANLEY handle all or part of a system's management fuels a strategy to manage costs, increase accountability, maximize system uptime, reduce shrinkage, and minimize the impacts caused by high employee turnover.

With STANLEY Security's Managed Services, you'll have full visibility to all your hosted monitoring services. You'll also have access to each of these tools through a single sign-on integration with our HQ Dashboard.

STANLEY eAccessManager – Web-Based, Remote Managed Access

With eAccessManager, our ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Center will remotely manage your access control system. Let STANLEY take care of everything while you focus on other security matters. eAccess

STANLEY eVideo Manager – Video Monitoring Services

STANLEY offers a full spectrum of video monitoring services from our ProtectionNet Customer Service Center. eVideoManager lets you and STANLEY video monitoring specialists see and document what’s occurring within your protected locations. You are able to see your STANLEY activity reports online with the associated video clips. Click here to learn more.

To view a video about eVideoManager, click here.

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STANLEY eAudioManager

A premium online service that gives you access to your Sonitrol Audio Intrusion activity information including access control activity anytime, anywhere, including online reports.