Start Strong with the STANLEY PAC Access Control Starter Kit

More and more small commercial and industrial facilities—both new construction and retrofit facilities—require the added security of electronic access control, but many are unsure how to go about making the transition from a mechanical lock to full electronic access control. Will it be costly? Will it be difficult to operate? Will an entry-level system need to be replaced as the business grows?

STANLEY PACSTANLEY Security aims to make the transition to electronic access control smooth, easy, and cost-effective. With our new PAC Access Control Starter Kit, you'll get all you need for an entry-level system: a reliable, durable system with high-quality components that is easy to install, easy to use, and fully scalable as your needs change—but that keeps installation, administration, and upgrade costs to a minimum. The STANLEY PAC Access Control Starter Kit offers the best entry-level system on the market in terms of security, quality, and price.

Introducing PAC Technology

STANLEY Security's PAC Access Software is an innovative and easy to use interface allowing local monitoring and management—including photo ID badging—for up to 250 entrance points and up to 25,000 users. The software's open architecture ensures enhanced security and flexibility as needs expand. Equally reliable and affordable for entry-level or enterprise-wide systems, investing in STANLEY PAC technology means you won't have to perform costly and time-consuming upgrades as your access control needs change. With proven reliability in tens of thousands of installations worldwide since the 1990s, STANLEY PAC Software sets a new standard for reliability, security, and ease of use in access control.

An Easy Transition to Electronic Access Control

A STANLEY PAC Access Control Starter Kit simplifies the transition from mechanical locks to the enhanced security of electronic access control. Each starter kit includes everything you'll need to add a full access control solution for two doors:

STANLEY PAC Access Control Starter Kit

  • PAC Access Software for up to two workstations, providing simple oversight and auditing capability. PAC software uses open architecture based on Microsoft .NET and CE.NET platforms, giving administrators greater freedom to customize and extend system capabilities as facility needs change.
  • PAC 512IP Two-Door Controller including power for the controller, readers, and door locks.
  • ONEPROX GS3 MT Mullion Readers for two doors, with a read range of up to three inches. 
  • Twenty Proximity Cards pre-programmed with unique IDs.
  • USB Enrollment Reader to make establishing and adding credentials on site simple.

The STANLEY PAC Access Control Starter Kit is quick and easy to install, simple to use, fully integratable with other products, and, best of all, allows you to scale up your solution as your needs change over time. The PAC Kit offers a strong return on your investment:

  • You won't need to invest in more software as your facility grows, because PAC Access Software scales up seamlessly to 250 access points and 25,000 users. The software's open architecture makes customizing easy.
  • The software and hardware integrate with other products including popular and trusted BEST, PRECISION, and STANLEY Commercial Hardware components.
  • It's everything you need to get started, but also completely customizable so you can start using a fully integrated electronic access control system right out of the box, but build a flexible solution tailored to your needs over time.

Exceptional Quality and Security and a Great Return On Your Investment

Our PAC Access Control solution offers the quality, durability, and reliability you expect from STANLEY Security components, at an industry-leading price point. Long lasting, low maintenance components and fully scalable software make the return on your investment even greater when you switch to electronic access control with a STANLEY PAC Access Control Starter Kit. With everything you need for a full solution—as a small entry-level facility and as you expand in the future—STANLEY PAC makes electronic access control easier and more affordable than ever before.

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