White Papers for Retailers

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends and challenges facing retailers and loss prevention professionals can seem like a full time job. This collection of white papers provides a quick snapshot of some of the most relevant information in the retail industry today.

Using Data Science to Improve Situational Awareness

Did you know that physical security systems across the world collect more than 860 Petabytes of data every day? From video surveillance to intrusion detection, the data collected by your security systems can be leveraged for a positive, measurable impact on your retail operations. For some operations, understanding and using this data can mean savings in the millions.

In this white paper, we share key insights and considerations your business can use to better understand how data science can improve your operations.

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Managing Data Streams & Security

With the rapid advancement of security, transaction, and tracking technologies and their extensive capabilities, progressive businesses have recognized the limitless opportunities available to harness crucial data with the potential to ultimately enhance the overall customer experience.

This White Paper discusses the evolution of data analytics in the retail marketplace, the definition of actionable business intelligence, and the benefits of key data streams available.

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Utilize Data Mining to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Recently, there has been a shift in the market of security technologies. ‘Data mining' is getting increasingly more effective and is helping many businesses gain greater business intelligence. It is crucial to remain up-to-date and educated on this fairly new topic, which is being viewed as an evolutionary step that will ultimately change the way we operate all areas of our businesses.

Check out our newest white paper on data mining, and how it can help businesses gain efficiencies across their operations.

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