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Card Skimming Attacks at Fuel Pumps & ATMs

With the increase in card skimming attacks in recent years, fuel stations and convenience stores alike are scrambling to find ways to alert, identify and prevent skimming attempts to protect their assets, their brands’ reputation and their customers’ financial data.


Effectively Leveraging Data Streams in Retail

For retailers, a lot has changed in recent years when it comes to the capabilities available in securing their businesses. Previously, premium security solutions with robust features were limited to costly and closed proprietary systems, making information sharing extremely difficult throughout an entire system’s framework.


Functional Benefits Associated with Migrating to Network-Based Video Surveillance

The rise of IP-based and network-based video surveillance has proven to offer retailers an enhanced perspective and increasingly necessary insight into their businesses, achieving a quality in both evidentiary support and ease of access and use where analog surveillance systems often fall short. Network-based video is quickly becoming the launch pad for those retailers looking for an effective means to cut losses and the potential for shrinkage, essentially ensuring a more stable future by harnessing the value found in an intuitive, proactive surveillance program.


Layering Security System Protection in a Retail Environment

Security system devices in the current retail environment are designed to provide physical protection. But what if those systems become compromised?

In this short article, we share 5 key tips and best practices to help you enhance security across your retail footprint.

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The New Meaning of EAS

For decades, EAS has had the same meaning: Electronic Article Surveillance. EAS systems have always been used to deter theft and protect against loss related to theft for retailers everywhere.

STANLEY Security is changing the meaning of EAS, without changing the original purpose of the systems. With today’s technology, smart EAS systems can provide online real time information and insight for improved retail business operations through EAS:

  • Exception Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Support

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The Ins and Outs of Large-Scale Retail Security Deployments

With frequent advancements in technology, as well as systems being refreshed in favor of large-scale, IP-based analytic solutions, many large retailers are required to manage these upgrades without interrupting the core revenue stream. As with any installation, plan­ning is the key component to a successful deployment.

This article provides information on considerations when deploying a security solution at a large scale. Complete the form to learn more.

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Q&A: Interview with a VP of Loss Prevention

STANLEY Security had the privileged opportunity to interview a Vice President of Loss Prevention with over 25 years of experience on what recent trends and changes he has seen in the retail security space. Check out his responses to learn about what another industry LP professional is doing to help prevent loss, utilize data to improve his security program, and keep up to date on the latest in the industry.

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