Electronic Article Surveillance ImageElectronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

STANLEY’s Electronic Article Surveillance solution provided through SenTech EAS is an effective solution for protecting assets, deterring theft, and providing visibility into the activity of your facility. Not only does our EAS solution protect against loss from theft, it also helps gain insight into business operations, such as traffic volume, returns, and more.

A Well-Designed EAS System:

  • Protects assets by alerting staff when the assets leave designated areas
  • Protects against loss related to theft and unauthorized activity
  • Enforces local compliance and company policies
  • Assists in staff management based on traffic during various times

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs:

  • Supports either industry standard Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio-Frequency (RF) technologies
  • Retrofit technologies allow for new installations or seamless integration with your existing solutions and technologies
  • Offers a multitude of flexible options to support your unique business’s needs for pedestal styles, deactivators, detachers, tags, and labels

Remote Management & Reporting:

  • STANLEY can remotely troubleshoot, diagnose, and tune your system, saving you time and money with fewer service visits
  • Receive EAS system status notifications
  • View activity for all your locations on a map, allowing for easy visibility nationwide
  • Access full activity data, run reports, set incoming/outgoing tones, and connect with STANLEY — all while you are off-site through online web applications

Insights for Better Business Decisions:

  • Gain business insight and marketing analytics such as store traffic volume and patterns, store vs. store activity, and consumer behavior with integrated people counting
  • Calculate success of promotions and campaigns based on increased store traffic vs. typical traffic
  • Advertise store promotions and campaigns with custom, interchangeable signage inside of pedestals