Safe & Vault Locks

Safe & Vault Locks

A world leader in high-security locking systems for safes and vaults, Stanley Security Systems offers the industry's largest selection of mechanical combination locks, electronic safe locks, time locks, key-operated locks, and safe deposit locks. Products include advanced technologies such as biometrics and remote lock management.

Mechanical Combination Locks 

Unrivaled dependability and product support. Three-wheel locks, four-wheel locks, four-wheel vault locks, and an array of dials and rings for mechanical combination locks.

Electronic Safe Locks

From simple, low-cost mechanisms to highly sophisticated safe locks, Stanley Security Solutions offers the electronic safe lock you need for your application. Options include fingerprint lock operation, remote lock systems, and RFID technology. 

Time Locks

From small safes to large-scale vaults, Stanley Security Solutions has a time lock for any security requirement. Options include standard, reset, or snap-action movements. 

Key-Operated Locks 

A viable alternative to combination locks that combines ease of use with a level of security not found with ordinary key locks. Key-operated locks deliver a level of pick resistance far beyond the norm and are designed to deter physical attacks. 

Safe Deposit Locks 

The industry standard. Safe deposit lock options include cabinet locks, single-key container locks, dual-key locks, and non-handed locks.