Integrated Software Systems

Off-line Access Control SystemsThis comprehensive security system from Stanley Security Solutions combines the critical elements of asset and individual protection with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, administered via a single database server for increased convenience and efficiency. 

Client Workstation Bandwidth Throttling 

Specialized software allows captured security images to be seen in a high-quality thumbnail view, eliminating lengthy download times. 

Advanced Motion Alarm System

Alarm-based recording links high-quality real-time digital video to specific alarms. Up to 32 different video windows can be displayed simultaneously.

Visitor Management

An advanced visitor management function details visitor reporting, auditing, and visitor tracking mechanisms. All visitor transactions and movements are stored in a detailed audit trail.

Inline Encoding

Encode smart card chips with vast quantities of data including the industry-leading biometric fingerprint and retinal template. State-of-the-art, on-the-spot ID and badge creation.

Biometric Iris Verification Support

Physical access to an area can be controlled by authenticating the identity of a credential holder using their iris.  

Intelligent Video Support 

Advanced motion analysis and object tracking, noting the direction of movement, speed, and motion patterns. People counting, crowd monitoring, detection of abandoned or removed objects, and more.