Education Products


Education Products


Electronic Access Control

  • Controls, records, and audits all access requests
  • Remote unlock and lockdown capabilities
  • Wireless locks reduce installation costs while providing many of the features of an online system
  • Integrates with "One Card" systems and Point of Sale systems
  • Limit access to scheduled vendor pick-up/drop-off times
  • Real time mustering reports for emergencies
  • Utilize recognition to secure sensitive areas
  • Can provide gate and parking lock control

Intruder Lock

  • Allows teachers to lock their classroom safely from the inside
  • Emergency egress from inside the room always functions
  • Heavy duty locks for ANSI Grade 1 applications
  • Utilize the campus-wide master key system

Automatic Doors

  • ADA compliant
  • "Push and Go" feature requires minimal force for opening
  • Integrate with electronic access control system and locking hardware
  • High throughput for high-traffic time periods
  • Ballistic & blast resistant doors & glass
  • "Push and Go" feature requires minimal force for opening

Door Hardware

  • Institutional grade locks, exit devices, and closers
  • Electrified hinges designed for heavy duty applications
  • Alarmed exit devices alert when they are opened
  • Patented keying systems prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys

Video Surveillance

  • Acts as a deterrent for vandalism, theft, and other unwanted behaviors
  • Recorded video can be used for investigative purposes and risk mitigation
  • Live video can be viewed by staff as well as first responders remotely
  • Hosted video provides online storage, access and management

Emergency Communication

  • Use phones, paging system, digital displays and/or the fire system to communicate emergency information throughout the campus
  • Use email, voice calls and text messaging to transmit important information to personnel, parents and others in the community

Wi-Fi Based Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

  • Wireless panic buttons alert administration or authorities in the event of an emergency
  • Utilizes existing Wi-Fi network to automatically locate personnel and students in the event of an emergency
  • Automatically locate high-dollar assets like laptops, instruments, sound equipment, and notify if they leave authorized areas
  • Utilize existing Wi-Fi network to monitor temperatures in freezers and refrigerators for kitchens and cafeterias and notify if they get outside of specified ranges
  • Utilize existing Wi-Fi network and GPS technology to automatically locate high-dollar assets in parking lots such as tractors, vehicles, and other equipment and notify if they leave authorized areas

Visitor Management Software

  • Streamlines the visitor check-in process
  • Use watch lists to screen unwanted visitors
  • Integrates with electronic access control system
  • Pair with iris recognition for accurate visitor identity management

Intercom System

  • When combined with video surveillance and electronic access control, an intercom allows staff to see and communicate with visitors before remotely unlocking the door and letting them in the building

Central Monitoring

  • Trained security professionals provide 24/7 facility monitoring
  • UL, ULC and FM Approved monitoring centers across North America
  • Sonitrol audio verification provides comprehensive coverage throughout the facility and the highest apprehension rates in the industry
  • Video verification reduces false alarms and increases apprehensions
  • Panic buttons communicating to the monitoring center provide quick security response in the event of an emergency

Automated Attendance

  • Utilize proximity cards or RTLS devices to automatically take attendance as students arrive

Electronic Key Tracking

  • Controls use of master keys and identifies user of keys
  • Limits use based on schedules and prevents personnel from taking keys home
  • Integrates with electronic access control
  • Can be used to track district vehicle keys

Key Management Software

  • Documents all keys, doors, access, and personnel records for controlling of mechanical access system
  • Provides history of people, buildings, doors, keys, etc.

Emergency Call Boxes

  • Emergency calls can be placed with the push of a button
  • Two-way communication allows for broadcasting of emergency messages

Fire Alarms

  • UL Listed for fire monitoring
  • Testing and inspections

Cabinet Locks

  • Secure and control sensitive documents
  • Utilize the campus-wide master key system


  • Secure instrument storage and protection
  • Utilize the campus-wide master key system