Markets We Serve

Who relies on Stanley Security Solutions?

Schools, hospitals, and government facilities, to start. The world’s largest retailers, financial service institutions, and airports do, too. There’s a good chance we made the locks or hinges on your front door. There’s a good chance you've walked through our automatic doors. And there's a good chance that at one time or another, you've been protected by the blanket of security offerings and systems that Stanley proudly provides.

Explore our market-leading security solutions below:

K-12 Education »
From preparedness training and school safety programs, to site surveys and solution implementations, Stanley’s trusted security advisors are your partners in making K-12 education facilities safer.
  Higher Education »
To create safer campuses around the world, institutions of higher learning turn to Stanley Security Solutions to find the most advanced options for keeping colleges and universities protected.
Retail »
Working with retailers of all types and sizes, our security platforms address the ever-growing demand for effective, scalable, and future-focused solutions for physical security, loss prevention, and asset management.
  Healthcare »
State-of-the-art healthcare and senior care technologies are our specialty. At Stanley Security Solutions, we understand that the right technology is just the start of an effective patient safety program.
Financial »
To meet the demands of the banking and financial services industry, Stanley Security Solutions provides the full spectrum of sophisticated technologies from employee credentialing through vault management.

Government »
For all your government security needs, there is Stanley Security Solutions. A leader in securing and protecting government buildings, landmarks, and institutions, we provide a wide range of effective solutions.