Full Visibility on Your Intrusion System

eAudioManager-HiRes_webSTANLEY Security brings user experience and business intelligence to a whole new level with its industry leading eServices 2.0 platform.

With eServices 2.0, you gain complete access to your intrusion system – from managing passcards to viewing detailed open and close reports. You can even pin-point locations with high alarm activity, helping you better manage overall security across all your locations.

eServices enables a wide variety of reports, which allow you to have insight into your intrusion systems. The following table provides a brief list and description of the level of data eServices 2.0 empowers you with:

All Activity ReportCreates a report that will show all alarm activity on your locations
Unscheduled Activity ReportCreates a report that allows viewing of unscheduled activity on any number of your locations or systems
Incident ReportCreates a report that allows viewing of incidents that have occurred on any number of your locations or systems
Open/Close ReportCreates a report for viewing of open and close activity (disarming & arming alarm system) any number of your locations
Not Armed ReportThis report shows any systems that were not armed during a prescribed timeframe
Location ReportCreates a report of existing locations with STANLEY CSS monitoring and/or managed services
Manage Locations TagsAllows you to associate predefined tags to specific locations or groups of locations for more responsive filtering and searches
Manage TagsCreate unique tags for your site locations for quick and easy call-up based on key words.
Call ListCreates a report that will show who will be called when a given Action Plan is used to respond to a signal from one of your accounts
Open/Close SchedulesCreates a report of your Open/Close Schedules
Action Plan ReportCreates a report that shows the details of your Action Plans


Managing your business just got easier, with feature-rich dashboards and the ability to easily access the full breadth of eServices on any mobile device. Let eServices 2.0 improve your security insight, increase your productivity, and lower your operational costs.

eServices 2.0

Learn more about how eServices 2.0 can provide you with real-time visibility on all your intrusion systems.