STANLEY IntelAssure Alerts & Recommendations

STANLEY IntelAssure™, Powered by Viakoo, makes it easy to identify problems with your system. The STANLEY IntelAssure dashboard (available through web browser and mobile app) provides color-coded alerts and recommendations to help you quickly and easily identify problems: Red = downtime, Yellow = reduced performance, Green = no issues.

IntelAssure Dashboard Alerts

IntelAssure Dashboard Alerts Mobile

Automated email and mobile app alerts can be sent to specific responders such as Security Directors, System Administrators, Repair Technicians, etc.

IntelAssure Service Assurance

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More Than Video:

System Alerts


STANLEY IntelAssure Alerts are automatically generated when we detect a failure or other critical problem with your physical security system. Alerts are urgent and critical, the highest priority information, and should be acted on immediately. 

Security Warnings


STANLEY IntelAssure Warnings are automatically generated when the physical security system is headed towards a failure, and action should be taken to preemptively address the failure. Not acting on a Warning will likely lead to a near-term system failure. Warnings are higher priority than Advisories.

System Advisories


STANLEY IntelAssure Advisories are automatically generated when we detect an issue present in your physical security system that is not causing failure, but is a sign of your system not performing as it should. These are facts, key observations, and best practice guidelines.

Lower Operational and Maintenance Costs

STANLEY IntelAssure arms Service Technicians with information on specifically what needs to be fixed and how…eliminating up to 80%* of the time and labor costs associated with detection and diagnosis of video systems. 

Problem Detection Alert
Component Process
Root Cause
Lower Operational and Maintenance Costs

Using alert tickets, STANLEY IntelAssure tracks issues, automatically assigns them to appropriate personnel, closes and archives issues, and allows for detailed reporting for compliance and auditing purposes.

IntelAssure Ticket
*Based on actual customer data utilizing RBCS, Inc. Cost Reduction Calculator

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