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University of West Georgia Forges Strategic Partnerships to Promote a Secure Campus

Safety and security are supported by University of West Georgia top administrators and the entire campus, creating a stable learning environment for students. Assisting the university is STANLEY Security, which works closely with UWG to be certain sufficient plans are in place and that the deployed technology and partnerships yield ongoing successes.

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Developing Functional Campus Security Standards

What’s valuable to one person may not hold the same value to another. This is something we find time and time again in our daily lives, as each person has their own personal definition of what is valuable to them. The same holds true for the buildings on your campus: dormitories, auditoriums, academic buildings, stadiums, and science labs all require different security precautions due to the nature of that which is inside them.

Learn more about the varying needs for the varying needs around your campus and the best ways to mitigate the unique risks associated with each type of building.

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Edinboro University Goes Above and Beyond ADA Compliance

Edinboro University partnered with STANLEY Security to exceed ADA compliance requirements and provide greater accessibility and independence to students with disabilities. This article ran as the cover story for the October 2014 issue of Campus Safety Magazine.

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Communication Enhances Campus Safety

In today's modern higher education environment, it's more important than ever to maintain constant vigilance over your entire campus. Additionally, keeping the local community aware of the various changes and improvements you're constantly making to your campus can also be a challenge.

It's no surprise that communication breeds peace of mind, safety, and security. To help you make your campus safer than ever, we've written a brief article that shares best practices and tips for using various communication tools to help you improve the ways you interact with your campus community.

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VIDEO: Creating a Safer Campus for Butler University

Butler University is a private college with 32 campus buildings occupying approximately 290 acres in Indianapolis, Indiana, with just over 4,700 undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled. In this video case study, Benjamin Hunter, Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Public Safety, discusses how STANLEY has improved campus safety at BU.

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