Emergency Evacuation Services & Solutions

STANLEY's Emergency Evacuation solutions combine the detection capabilities of our advanced fire alarm with the capabilities of emergency evacuation to provide a comprehensive life safety system for your building. STANLEY's evacuation systems provide a crucial channel of communication for responding fire authorities to address all building occupants in life-saving emergencies. You can count on STANLEY to deliver a complete life safety solution for you.

STANLEY's Emergency Evacuation Services Provide:

  • Building & Fire Code Compliance
  • UL & FM Fire Monitoring and Dispatch
  • Life Safety Evacuation Alarm and Communication Systems
  • High Rise and Assembly Occupancies
  • Distributed and Networked Panel Applications
  • Recall, Shutdown and Integrated Interfaces
  • Multiple Messaging and Languages Formatting
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Test and Inspection Services
  • Maintenance and Repair Services

STANLEY's Emergency Evacuation systems are fully integrated with our Advanced Automatic Fire Alarms to provide you with a comprehensive fire safety solution.