Stanley Security Solutions (SSS) is a growth platform within Stanley Black & Decker, an S&P 500 company. Who relies on us? Schools, hospitals, and governments, to start. The world’s largest retailers, financial service institutions, and airports do too. Chances are, so do you. There’s a good chance we made the locks or hinges on your front door. There’s a good chance you've walked through our automatic doors, or you in some way relied on the blanket of security that Stanley provides. Chances are, you didn’t notice us. We don’t mind. That’s the way security should be.

Mechanical Access Solutions (MAS), together with Convergent Security Solutions (CSS) and Stanley Access Technologies (SAT).

Mechanical Access Solutions (MAS)

Mechanical Access Solutions provides a wide array of commercial products including door automation and a broad range of door security hardware as well as residential products including locksets and interior/exterior hardware.  MAS products brands include Stanley, Best, Safemasters, K2, Precision, and Sargent & Greenleaf.

Convergent Security Solutions (CSS)

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is a leading provider of electronic security services and products globally.  We take an enterprise approach to security that integrates intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, fire protection, and monitoring applications. Our professionals design, install, and maintain security systems, and Stanley 24-hour UL, ULC, & FM approved monitoring centers provide the highest level of security and service for our over 500,000 customers. We focus on complete customer transparency and operational excellence in the five customer touchpoints: account management, installation, service, monitoring and billing. As one of the largest global electronic security services and product providers, we continue to leverage our value proposition to build our core business and serve our customers.

Stanley Access Technologies (SAT)

Stanley Security Solutions produces state-of-the-art automatic entrance systems  for an array of commercial, institutional, industrial, and transportation applications. In addition to manufacturing and installing these automatic entrance products, Stanley Security Solutions offers comprehensive service and maintenance programs that can be customized to your ever-changing needs.